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Terms of Use

We hate small print as much as most people, however there are a few terms of use we need to make clear to anyone using or thinking to use IRIS. We try to keep this page as short, concise and easy to read as possible.

When using IRIS there are a few things to be aware of that you agree to. These terms are designed to protect you "the user", and us "the service provider". There is nothing in here we deem as being unusual, but if there is anything you are unsure about or want more clarification please get in touch.

1. Introduction
IRIS is a service provided by JLP Internet Ltd, and is wholly owned by JLP internet Ltd. IRIS has been built to allow users to create high quality websites in little time and at a fraction of the cost of a web designer, all without requiring much technical knowledge or skill.

2. Your Responsibilities
In order to use IRIS you must first sign up and create a user account. You must ensure the information you give is correct and accurate. We also strongly advise choosing a secure password and not sharing your credentials with anyone else. We recommend you use a password manager tool such as LastPass to keep track of all your secure passwords.

You must ensure you have full rights and permission to use all content, text, images, videos and everything else you add to your website. If you are in doubt whether you are allowed to use some material you should contact the original creator of the material to obtain permission.

Your website must not contain any of the following:
   - illegal content
   - adult content
   - any content that is likely to cause offence or encourage others to break the law

3. Our Responsibilities
We will actively monitor the web server and ensure it is kept up to date and as secure as possible. We will ensure backups are run regularly.

4. Use of Third Party Services
One of the most popular features of IRIS is the ability to access the raw HTML code to unlock unlimited possibilities for intermediate and advanced users. This also lets you add third party addons and extensions to enhance your website and offer more features to your users. We do not accept responsibility for any of these third party addons or offer any support to install or maintain them.

5. Content and Ownership
You retain ownership and copyright of all the content you add to your website.

6. Cancellation
When you sign up for an account you agree to a minimum term of 12 months. We do of course hope you will stay with us for much longer, but in the event you wish to cancel your subscription at any time after the initial 12 month period you can do so directly from your IRIS user account. Your subscription will terminate with immediate effect and you will not be charged again.