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Websites for Taxi Companies

Get your website where it needs to be with IRIS. Create a stunning website for your taxi company to help attract more customers and promote all the services you have to offer.

Why do Taxi Companies Need a Website?

People are increasingly using the Internet to plan their lives, so it's important that your taxi company has a website that shows up for relevant searches in your area. Having an effective website for your taxi company is a great way to reach more potential customers, and also publicise some of the other services you offer, for example corporate hire, credit accounts, card payments, wedding packages, and such like. Often a taxi company can upsell more services by using their website to tell people about all the services they offer.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

We get that a website is not going to be the most important part of your business. You have a fleet of cars, drivers, customers, office costs, telephone lines and many more things that are important to your business that will take up most, if not all of your time. We believe the majority of taxi companies probably can't justify spending £1,000's on a professionally designed bespoke website.

That's where IRIS comes in. Priced at just £10/month you can get your taxi company online with a great website for minimal investment. In real terms that is the cost of a single small fare to have your website built in IRIS.

Things To Consider

When building a website for your taxi company there are a few things you should think about including to help promote your business more effectively and maximise the impact of your website.

Highlight the benefits of using a registered taxi company
With the emergence of ride sharing apps such as Uber people have more choice than ever when travelling. As a registered taxi company you know better than anyone the benefits of choosing you over these types of service so it's important you get this across on your website.

Let people know the payment methods you accept
Many people do not carry cash with them, so let your customers know how they can pay you. Do you accept card payments in your taxis? Can regular customers create a credit account and pay at the end of the month? Make it easier for people to understand how they can pay you and they will be more comfortable using your services.

Show the types of vehicles you have and any special features
If you offer any different types of vehicles you should make this clear on the website. For example do you have larger capacity vehicles, or minibuses? Are any of your vehicles fitted with wheelchair access? Do you offer free WiFi in your vehicles? All these extra features are reasons why someone would choose your company over your competitor so make sure this is made clear on your website.

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