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Websites for Sports Clubs

Get a website you and your members can be proud of from IRIS. If your goal is to maximise your impact online while netting yourself a bargain then use IRIS to create a new website for your sports club.

Why do Sports Clubs Need a Website?

Many sports clubs are run by volunteers who live busy lives outside the club as well as trying to keep things running smoothly. Often it's communication that is the hardest thing between members of the club. You may find yourself repeating the same information over and over, whether it is letting members know when the next practice is and where, or perhaps you keep answering questions from people interested in joining your club. What are the fees? When do you meet up? How many competitions are there? What equipment do I need to buy?

Having all this information on a public website will make it much easier to answer these types of questions once and direct people to the website instead, letting you get on with running the club!

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

We get it, you'd rather be playing sports, arranging competitions and recruiting new members rather than worrying about getting a new website. You may have heard getting a website is very expensive so you've avoided it, or perhaps you think you need a lot of technical knowledge or design flair to build a website?

IRIS has been built to make the process of creating a website for sports clubs as simple as possible. Simply drag and drop the elements you want onto the page, save your changes and publish the website. It's really as simple as that.

Things To Consider

When building a new website for your sports club there are a few things that might help make the website even more effective.

Make Sure You Have Permission To Use Photography Of Children
If your club includes child members it's tempting to put up some photos of the kids participating in sports, as that can give the right message that you are keen to accept younger members. Make sure you have written permission from the parents before using photos of children. Photos of adults don't have the same concerns, as long as you have taken the photo yourself you own the copyright. However it's still polite to ask the permission of anyone you are planning to use photos of.
Add A List Of Upcoming Events
Give people an overview of the events and competitions coming up this year by including a list of key dates. If it is a competition include information on who it is for and how to enter. If it's a fundraising event give details for any member taking part, and also information for any member of the public wishing to attend.

Add Sponsor Logos
Sports clubs often rely on sponsors to fund their operating costs. If you have a sponsor chances are you have their logo on your jersey or tracksuit. You should remember to add the logo to your website as well, ideally with a bit of information on how new sponsors can get involved as well, so your website can be used to attract new sources of income. 

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