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Websites For Self Employed Businesses

When you are self employed time is at an absolute minimum. Between doing work, keeping track of taxes and expenses, winning new work, and dealing with all the other pressures that come with working for yourself there's not much time left for anything else. Let IRIS take the stress out of creating your website!

Why do Self Employed Businesses Need a Website?

Regardless of what business you are in, if you are self employed one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is to have a website. Depending on the type of work you do a website can have many different benefits such as increased exposure, ability to sell your services 24/7, make your contact details easy to find online, and letting you get your own story out in the wider world.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

When you are self employed it can seem overwhelming to have everything land at your feet to deal with. If there is work to be done it's up to you to do it. If there are taxes to file it's up to you to do. If you need to win new customers it's up to you to find ways to market yourself. Sometimes you need a helping hand to relieve some of the stress of running your own business. IRIS can take a lot of the stress and time consuming elements out of building your own website and streamline the whole process, freeing up your time to focus on your business.

Things To Consider

When building a new website for your self employed business there are a few things we recommend you think about to help make the most out of your website.

Keep Your Website Up To Date
One of the biggest mistakes we see with many businesses, especially small and self employed businesses is once the website goes live it often never gets looked at again or updated. It's as if once the website is launched that task is ticked off the "to do" list and forgotten about. We get it, you are busy with running your business and may not have time to keep making changes to your website. However if you let things go on for too long without updating your website it will quickly become outdated and stale. This can quickly lead to potential customers going elsewhere, and even affect your search engine rankings as search engines prefer to rank websites it can see getting updated regularly.

Many small business owners are simply too busy to keep updating their website, or feel daunted by the prospect of having to remember how to log in and work with the website system. That's why we created our fully managed package that allows people with self employed businesses like you sign up and let us design and build the website for you. This frees up your valuable time and helps keep your website up to date.

Tell Us About Yourself
Writing about yourself is often the hardest part of promoting your self employed business. It's tempting to hide behind your business name instead of talking about yourself directly. While there is sometimes merit in doing this, usually the most effective way to promote your self employed business is to be honest on your website, include a bit about yourself, your background and why you do what you do. People buy from people so this can help get your message across, appear more authentic and create more of a rapport with your potential customers.

Get Social And Connect With Your Customers
All businesses should be making use of social media to connect with their customers, but it's especially important for self employed businesses to use social media as a tool to promote themselves. The trick here is to not overstretch yourself. You are already very busy with running your business, so any social media activity you do should not interfere with your other work. Try to identify a single social media channel where you think the majority of your target audience will be. Is your product or service more suited to older people? Maybe Facebook will work best. If you want to appeal to younger people you might want to look at Instagram or Snapchat. By limiting yourself to one or two social media outlets helps you stay focused and more likely to succeed in reaching your target audience on an ongoing basis. Then if it works well you can consider starting on another social media channel.

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