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Learn how IRIS can help public sector organisations get online, launch new ideas or connect to a wider audience with a website from IRIS. Get more results with a smaller budget with IRIS.

Why do Public Sector Organisations Need a Website?

There are many different reasons why a public sector organisation might need a website. Perhaps they want to spread the word about a new service or initiative beginning in their local area. Perhaps there is a special event coming up that needs to be organised. Regardless of the main objectives, a new website can be a great way of reaching more people and creating a buzz around whatever you are promoting.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

IRIS can be used by many different types of public sector bodies including local authorities, public funded organisations, public events and many more. IRIS is perfectly suited to help anyone in the public sector get their message online quickly and easily. Perhaps more importantly it also helps keep costs down. With prices at £10/month it's easy to see how IRIS can help public sector organisations get online and effectively market themselves while also staying within ever tighter budget constraints. We are proud to be able to offer IRIS to public sector bodies and welcome any enquiries so we can discuss your next project and how IRIS can help.

Things To Consider

As you can image there are endless reasons as to why a public sector organisation might want a website. Each website will be unique, with different objectives, timescales, content and functionality. That said there are a few things we recommend you think about that can be applied to any public sector organisation.

Be Aware Of Your Legal Obligations
All business and organisations need to be aware of their legal obligations, but being in the public sector can sometimes leave you vulnerable to issues if you do not cover yourself properly. Make sure you have included any legal text, disclaimers or GDPR privacy policies that may apply. You may need to make sure your website is accessible to everyone, including users on mobile and tablet devices. Luckily for you all IRIS websites are built to be fully responsive and work well on any device.

Nominate Someone Or A Small Group To Be Responsible For The Website
If you build a new website it's often a good idea to have one person, or a small group of people responsible for the website. If you have too many people involved in the website it can lead to nothing getting done as people assume someone else will deal with it. If you can limit the amount of people who look after the website it can lead to a more proactively managed website. This is especially true for public sector offices, where there are often a bigger team of people.

Keep The Website Up To Date
As soon as the website is launched it is available for any member of the public to read it. That text you've written will remain in the public eye unless you change it, so it's important to continue reviewing the website regularly and make changes accordingly so you don't cause confusion or negatively impact anyone who gets wrong or out of date information from your website. 

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