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Websites for Plumbers

Plumbing companies of all sizes from self employed to large contractors can benefit greatly from having a professional website to advertise their services. If you are a plumber, or run a plumbing company learn how IRIS can help you get online quickly, easily and take the stress out of updating your website.

Why do Plumbers Need a Website?

Gone are the days where it was enough for a plumber to simply have their contact details in the Yellow Pages. If someone needs a tradesman such as a plumber one of the first things most people will do is search online to see who is available. It's important that plumbers of all sizes, from a one man band to a large plumbing company has a good website that gets across their services and why someone should contact them.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

Most plumbers we've worked with are very busy. We've yet to meet a plumber who would be interested in sitting in front of their computer at night after a long days work to create a website. IRIS can help you get your plumbing business online quickly and easily with our DIY package.  For just £10/month you can sign up and use the IRIS website builder to create your own website by simply dragging and dropping the elements you want onto the page and create a website quickly and easily.

Things To Consider

When creating a new website for your plumbing business there are a few things we recommend you consider including:

Add an About Us Page
If a new customer is looking on your website and considering contacting you to do some work one of the potential worries they might have is trust. You are going to be in their home or business, sometimes working alone. You should have an About Us page and include a bit about you and each of your staff members. There is a trade off here between work to keep this up to date, especially if you have a high turnover of staff or hire in seasonal/temporary workers. However you should still aim to at least include the main people in the business, ideally with a photo and brief description about the person, what work they specialise in and any relevant qualifications. This helps build up a rapport with your potential customer before you've even met them, and can make them more comfortable in reaching out to contact you.

Make Your Phone Number Prominent On Every Page
Your website can be the most beautiful creation ever to grace the Internet, but at the end of the day most people will be looking at your website to get your contact details, and usually this means your phone number. Make sure your number is somewhere obvious and displayed on all pages, not just your homepage and/or contact page. Including your phone number in the header area of your website often works well.

If you have a separate emergency phone number for out of hours calls be sure to include this as well, along with any information about times of day the phone is manned if relevant.

Let People Know Your Catchment Area
One of the best things about having a website for your plumbing business is it exposes your business to the whole world. However that also means some visitors to your website will not live near you and will therefore not be your target audience. You should make it clear where you are based and what areas you cover. This helps avoid disappointment and and wasting your time on enquiries from people you cannot help.

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