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Websites for Part Time Businesses

IRIS is perfectly suited to part time businesses where time is limited and budgets are small. 

Why do Part Time Businesses Need a Website?

The Internet has become the most popular way for people to search for pretty much anything these days.  Having a website puts you and your business in front of your target market and gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

 Having a website ensures your part time business is accessible all the time.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

Understandably many small businesses can't justify spending a lot of money on having a website designed and created for them.  However, times are changing and getting a cost effective website is much easier - IRIS was created to help businesses achieve just that.  

If a website is something you think would benefit your part time business but time and/or budget are tight, IRIS is definitely for you.  Our 'DIY Package' allows you to build your own cost effective website using our simple drag and drop tools.  You can create a professional and fully functioning website in no time and if you have any problems, we are on hand to offer support.

Things To Consider

When building your new website there are a few things you should consider including to help promote your business more effectively and maximise the impact of your website.

Consider an online booking system (if applicable)
If your business requires appointments, allowing people to book online at a time that's convenient for them is a great way to encourage people to use your services. If you already use appointment scheduling software it may well include an option to integrate with your website. If this is the case you can easily copy and paste the required code from the software into your IRIS website. If this is something you haven't considered before we would recommend looking at Shedul, which has a lot of great features you might find useful, including offering online booking.

Content, Content, Content
As your business is part time you don't want to waste precious time answering questions about your business, especially if you get asked the same things over and over.  Ensure your website provides all the information people need:
- Use 'About Us' pages to tell them who you are and why they should use your services.
- Use your 'Contact' page for automatic contact forms and list all your contact details so people can easily get in touch with you.
- You might want to consider a FAQs section to avoid answering the same things over and over.
-Make it clear what your business is about and make sure your website directs people to do what you want them to do.  Make calls of actions clear.

Good Quality Images
Make sure to use high-res good quality images on your website.  Blurry, pixelated images will cheapen the look of your website and could cost you a customer.  It's worth investing in good photography, even just a few, to help sell your service.  Images are much more powerful than text and 'real' images should be used instead of stock photography if possible.

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