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Barbers and Hairdressers

We get it, you would rather be cutting and styling hair than sitting in front of a computer struggling to create and maintain your website.  IRIS is easy and fun to use and amendments can be done quickly at your own convenience.

Why do Barbers and Hairdressers Need a Website?

If you think about the lifetime value of gaining one more loyal customer it makes sense to put in a good amount of effort to reach out to potential customers and convince them to visit your salon.

A website is the perfect way to promote your barber or hairdressing business as it lets people find out about you, who you are, what services you offer and why they should come to you instead of any of your competitors.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

IRIS has been built with barbers and hairdressers in mind, as it tailors to busy business owners who don't have time to spend discussing website options with a designer, or sit through meetings discussing font choices, colour schemes or fancy graphics. If you want to get a great looking website online fast and start promoting your business quickly and easily, IRIS is for you!

Things To Consider

When building a website for your barber or hairdresser business there are a few things we'd recommend including to help promote yourself more effectively.

Use professional photography
Hair can be a very difficult thing to photograph properly. You want to show off your work and demonstrate what you can do, however in order to pick up all the different tones, textures and details of a hairdo takes some experience with photography. We recommend asking a professional photographer and a few models to come along your salon to get some high quality photography. Once you have these photos it will really help you create a striking and effective website, but also can help you create other marketing material such as flyers, gift vouchers, newspaper adverts and such like.

Remember the essential information
Make it as easy as possible for people to get the information they need about your business. Make sure you clearly show your contact details, opening times, prices, address and ideally a map showing your location.

Use an online booking system
Allowing people to book their appointments online at a time that's convenient for them is a great way to encourage people to use your salon. If you already use appointment scheduling software it may well include an option to integrate with your website. If this is the case you can easily copy and paste the required code from the software into your IRIS website. If this is something you haven't considered before we would recommend looking at Shedul, which has a lot of great features you might find useful for running your salon, including offering online booking.

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