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Websites for Garages

Take your garage to the next gear with a new website from IRIS. Perfectly suited for busy garages with little or no time to dedicate to creating a website, IRIS takes the stress away from maintaining your website to let you focus on fixing cars and keeping your customers happy.

Why do Garages Need a Website?

In days gone by there were lots of 'handy' people who could turn their hands to anything, fixing cars included.  That is no longer acceptable with improved electrics and diagnostics so people want to ensure they are using a reputable garage.

With more and more garages opening up everywhere, the competition is growing and people are turning to online searches.  Having a professional website which details your services, costs and experience will get the word out about your garage and give you that competitive edge.  Can you afford not to be visible online?

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

IRIS is  perfectly suited to help small garages get a professional website online in no time. Our easy to use drag and drop website builder tool lets you design your own website and provide information about your services, staff, qualifications quickly and easily.  IRIS is a cost effective alternative to having a bespoke website designed and built for your business, if that's not what you need.

Things To Consider

When building your garage website there are a few things you should think about including to help promote your services more effectively and maximise the impact of your website.

An 'About Us' page
Sometimes overlooked, this is a crucial page for your website.  Use this page to tell people why they should trust your garage with their vehicle repairs.  It's also a good idea to include information about all employees including qualifications and experience as this helps build trust and reassurance.  Be sure to include any certification or accreditation you have.

What to Include in the Navigation Bar
Carefully consider what you want to include on your navigation bar.  Depending on what services people are usually looking for you may just want to have one page for 'Services' or you may want to have some more popular services individually on the navigation bar i.e 'MOT', 'Breakdown', 'Tyre services' etc.  Try to think like a customer and make it easy for them to find the information they might be looking for.

Customer reviews are very influential.  If you are able to gather a handful of testimonials (even better if you're able to include companies who you may have contracts with to service all their vehicles) to include on your website these will give potential customers confidence in your services.

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