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Websites for Electricians

Electrify your online presence with a website from IRIS. Our easy to use drag and drop website builder is perfect for busy electricians, and can help you expand our business by promoting your services to a wider audience.

Why do Electricians Need a Website?

 Almost gone are the days of looking in a telephone directory for an electrician to call.  More and more people are using the Internet to search for service providers online and find out what they offer before making a decision.  Not being online could be costing you potential clients.  

We often hear that businesses are too busy to work with websites or they are too expensive to justify.  That's where IRIS comes in, it's simple and cost effective to have a professional website online in no time.  If it's how people will find you, can you really justify not having one!

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

IRIS is the perfect alternative to having an expensive bespoke website designed and created for your business, if that's not what you're after.  While those websites are still very much required for some businesses, we've recognised that they're not suitable for everyone and sometimes a simple yet professional website is all that's needed.  

Electricians, whether self employed or larger companies, can take advantage of IRIS' easy to use drag and drop tools and have a website live in no time.  What's more, we'll be on hand to offer support if needed.

Things To Consider

When building your website there are a few things you should think about including to help promote your services more effectively and maximise the impact of your website.

Clear Contact Details
The chances are people are searching for an electrician because they have an emergency or need one ASAP.  Make it easy for them to find your contact details as soon as they land on your website.  That might be the only thing they read!

Include an About Us Page
For those that don't need an electrician urgently, they will take the time to look through the website and compare you to the competition.  Bear in mind that for domestic jobs, people may be anxious about letting strangers into their home.  Your 'About Us' page should detail your experience and qualifications and photos are also worth considering so people can put names to faces ahead of visits.

Customer testimonials are a great addition to a website, particularly when your service includes home visits.  Seeing positive comments from other people reassures people that you are trustworthy and will deliver a good service.

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