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Websites for Dentists

Turn your website into something to smile about without taking a bite out of your marketing budget with a brand new website from IRIS.

Why do Dentists Need a Website?

The Internet has become the most popular way for people to search for services in their area.  It's a fast and convenient way for people to find out what services are available and how much they cost.  It's also the most popular way for people to search for contact details, so being online is crucial.

The good thing about dentists is that everyone needs one! That makes for a huge potential client base that you need to get in front of.  Whether you offer treatments on the NHS, privately or both, a website is a great way to let people know what treatments you offer and how much they cost.

Many people are still very anxious about visiting the dentist so having a friendly website with photos of the staff and practice will help to put people at ease and attract them to your practice.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

Websites don't always need to be flashy with lot of fancy design work.  Sometimes websites are needed to simply serve the purpose of providing information. IRIS is perfectly suited for this as it provides a low cost alternative to having a professional, bespoke website created. Our easy to use drag and drop website builder tool lets you provide information about your practice, the team and staff, the treatments you offer and your prices quickly and easily. We know how competitive the dentistry sector can be with more and more practices opening up and people searching online.  Our competitive package means you can be online in no time, with a professional looking website providing all the information people are looking for.

Things To Consider

When building a website for your practice there are a few things you should think about including to help people choose your dentist over the competition:

Include A Treatment List and Prices
One of the first things people will probably look for is a price list so make it easily accessible on the website.  Also include a list of treatments, both on NHS and privately, you offer and any further information on what's involved with each process.  Providing as much information as possible will help people feel more comfortable about what they should expect.

Staff Profiles and Photos
Visiting the dentist can be very nerve wracking so having information about the staff is crucial.  Include staff experience and training so clients know they will be well looked after.  Having photos of all staff members and the practice will also help clients feel like it's all familiar when they come along.

Include an area to put reviews from existing clients.  Reading about other peoples positive experiences will go a long way in attracting new clients to visit your practice.  Afterall, word of mouth is the best form of marketing.

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