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Websites for Charities and Non Profits

Websites for charities and non-profits is crucial for letting people know what it is you are doing and how they can support you.  We understand budgets can be tight and spending thousands on a bespoke website may not be feasible.  That's why we've created IRIS to help people get an online presence in a cost effective way.

Why do Charities Need a Website?

Charities and non profit organisations can benefit from having a website in a number of ways. A website can help spread the word and tell more people about your services and work you do. It can be used to help with fundraising efforts, either through donations or perhaps even attracting a sponsorship from a business. If you run a charity you should definitely consider getting a new website to help promote what you do and how you can help others.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

We are passionate about helping charities and good causes. If you help others we want to help you! Helping charities get online easier was one of the main driving forces in creating IRIS as we wanted to be able to help more organisations get a website they deserve. We've worked with several different charities and used that experience to create IRIS, which we hope will help many more good causes. 

Things To Consider

When building a charity website there are a few things to think about including to help get the most out of the site.

Include links to other websites
If you work closely with other organisations, or if there are other charities that compliment your service you should consider adding links to their websites to give people a helping hand in finding the information and help they need. If you are linking to another charity it might be worth contacting them to ask for a link from them back to your website too.

Add logos of your main supporters and sponsors
If you receive funding from external sources it's good to include these logos on your website. This shows you are appreciative of the support you receive and can help encourage more businesses to help out too.

Add a "Donate" button to let people send you donations
One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to use PayPal. If you have a PayPal account you can create a donate button in your account, then copy and paste the code into your IRIS website.

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