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Why do Beauticians Need a Website?

Your potential clients are increasingly turning to the Internet when looking for beauty therapists, so it's important that your business has a good online presence to help more people find you and decide to use your services.

Many of your competitors probably already have websites to market themselves to your target audience, so you need a website that helps you stand out from the crowd and give people a good first impression of your business.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

IRIS makes it easy for you to create a website that shows off your business in the best possible light while saving you money compared to a professional web designer. If you are looking for a website that gets your business in front of more potential customers IRIS is for you. We want you to spend as little time as possible working with your website and more time dealing with your growing list of clients. That's why we've made IRIS simple to use and full of features to let you get your beauty therapy business online as quickly as possible.

When applying makeup or any beauty treatment it's just as important, if not more important to ensure the skin is healthy and undamaged as well as making the person look good. That's the same as websites. Most people judge websites on how they look, but often the most important factor in how successful a website is comes down to how well it works underneath the nice images and colours. That's why we've built IRIS using the latest technologies to ensure your website not only looks good, but is fully functional, quick to load and adapts to mobile and tablet devices too!

Things To Consider

When building a beautician website for your beauty therapy business there are a few things we would recommend considering.

Use events to promote your business
Whenever a special day or event is coming up you should try to stay ahead of the game by offering a special offer, or run a competition to coincide with the event. For example if Valentines Day is coming up you could offer a special price on a special spa experience package. Or for quieter times of the year you could run a competition, for example in January create a winter competition to give away a treatment for free, and ask people to like your page and share your post. Remember to also promote any such activity on your website!

Use an online booking appointment system
Some beauty therapists prefer to handle bookings and appointments manually, but this adds quite a lot of extra admin work and can be off putting for potential clients. You want to make the booking process as simple as possible for people and so an online booking system is perfect to let people book and pay for their appointments online. We recommend Shedul as an excellent appointment booking system. And it's free!

Promote what you offer and make clear what you do not!
It's important to list what services you provide, but it's also a good idea to make clear any services you do not offer. If you continually get asked for a particular type of treatment that you do not provide you should make this clear on your website, perhaps with an explanation why you do not offer this and suggest an alternative. This helps minimise disappointment from your customer, and means you don't have to keep answering the same questions about services you do not provide, just direct people to your website.

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