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Accommodation Providers

If you run a self catering property or B&B you will already be aware of the importance of having a good website to promote your property. See how IRIS can help you attract more visitors to your business.

Why do Accommodation Providers Need a Website?

The Internet has become the most popular way for tourists and travellers to find suitable accommodation. Your website is often the very first impression they get of your accommodation, so it's important to stand out from your competition with an attractive, easy to use website that shows off your accommodation in the best possible way.

It's no good having a wonderful place to stay if no one can find out about it online. Accommodation providers with a website can communicate directly to prospective visitors every hour of every day, helping increase occupancy rates and grow profits.

How IRIS Can Help Your Business

IRIS is perfectly suited to help most small accommodation providers such as self catering properties, B&Bs, holiday lets and Guest Houses. Our easy to use drag and drop website builder tool lets you present information about your property, your rooms available, the surrounding area and more quickly and easily.
We know how tight the profit margins can be in the accommodation sector, with visitors expecting more for less and being able to shop around for the best prices. Our competitive package means you can have a great looking website for your accommodation while saving thousands compared to a professionally designed website.

Things To Consider

When building an accommodation website there are a few things you should think about including to help promote your property more effectively and maximise the impact of your website.

Promote Your Local Area
Generally speaking there are two types of visitor that might be looking at your website. A traveller who is definitely coming to your area and looking for a place to stay, or someone looking to go on holiday but might not be set on where they want to go. The second type of visitor is why it's important to promote your area in general as well as your property. Add a page about the local area, what there is to do, where visitors can go. Perhaps link to websites in your neighbourhood, and aim to be a mini tour guide.

Add Online Booking
Most people looking for accommodation online prefer being able to check availability and book online. This can be beneficial for you as well as it reduces the amount of phonecalls, emails and manual processing involved. If you aren't already using online booking we recommend adding this to your website. IRIS does not come with an online booking system built in, but it does give you complete access to the HTML code which means it's very simple to add in online booking from any external provider, giving you complete freedom to work with any online booking system you wish. Here are a few online booking engines we recommend:

- Free to Book
- Supercontrol
- Anytime Booking

Use Professional Photography
Having a camera does not mean you are a photographer. There is a huge difference between an amateur and a professional when it comes to photography, and property photography can be notoriously difficult. Differences in lighting and awkward shaped rooms are just some of the common obstacles when taking photos of accommodation. Hiring a professional to take photos of your property is one of the best marketing decisions you can make for your business, other than using IRIS to build your website of course!

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