Helping Your Small Business
Make a Big Impact Online

Getting Started

IRIS gives you full control over your own website, without the need to hire designers or coders. Here is an overview of how to get started with IRIS. 

Step 1: Before You Start

Here's some things to consider before you start creating your website:

1) What domain name you would like to use.  Domain names can be purchased through JLP Internet, get in touch here.

2) Do you already have a logo or are you getting one created.  This will influence the design of your website.

3) Do you have a selection of high quality images to use on your website.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

Our package details are as follows:

IRIS DIY: £10/mth - As the name suggests, you create the website yourself.  Support will be on hand if required but most of the work will be done by you.

To proceed to account set up, click here.

    Step 3: Start Creating

    Once  we've created your IRIS account you can start creating your website right away.

    We have a selection of pre-designed blocks and components which you can simply drag and drop as you wish. These can be further customised by changing fonts, colours, images and much more.

    Your website can be previewed at any stage in desktop, tablet and mobile view.

    Step 4: Launch your website

    Once you are happy with how your website looks and works,  you can make it live and start promoting it to the world.

    Step 5: Maintain Your Site

    It is important to ensure the content is regularly reviewed and updated. Changes can be made whenever and as often as you like.  

    Websites with out of date or incorrect information lose credibility quickly impacting search engine ranking.

    Step 6: Analytics

    We suggest adding Google Analytics to your website. This will tell you important things about your website and how it is performing. You will be able to see how people found your website, what they were looking for, where they are from and much more.

    This data is crucial and should be used to ensure visitors are finding the information they require and are using the site the way you wish them too.