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Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided a list of frequently asked questions below to help with your enquiries but please do not hesitate to contact  us if you have any other enquiries.

Q. Who operates IRIS?
A. IRIS is a website builder developed by JLP Internet Ltd, a Shetland-based internet company.

Q. Can I try IRIS before committing to a purchase?
A. Unfortunately we don't offer a trial period.  However, we do offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

Q. I would like to set up a business email, can I do that with IRIS?
A. Not with IRIS but JLP Internet Ltd(creator of IRIS) can set up business emails for you.  Please get in touch to discuss.

Q. Is there a package for emails and website together?
A. No, you must sign up for the DIY package online and get in touch with us if you wish to add an email service.

Q. How do I cancel my IRIS account and stop payments from being taken?
A. If you log on to IRIS, select 'My Account' and then 'My Membership'.  Select 'Cancel subscription' to shut down your account. Recurring payments will stop and you will no longer have access to your website.

Q. Where can I buy a domain name from?
A. JLP Internet can do this on your behalf so you can be assured there will be no issues in the future. Please get in touch for costs and details.  Alternatively, domain names can be purchased online from many companies if you search on google.  However, domain name registration is crucial and must be set up correctly.  

Q. I already have a website but I’d like to create a new one on IRIS, can I use the same domain?
A. Yes, provided the domain name is registered to you it can be used for a new website.

Q. I want my IRIS website to be hosted by another web company, is that possible?
A. Technically it is possible, but not ideal.  We can provide the code to another hosting company but you will no longer have access to the website builder functions.  Therefore, any changes you want to make on your website will need to be made to the code which will require a web developer.

Q. Will I have access to analytics for my IRIS website?
A. It is up to you to add the tracking code to your website for analytics (there are tutorials for doing this online).  We recommend using Google Analytics as it is a free service and only requires you to have a google account. Paste the code into 'Page Settings' and in the 'Header Includes' box.  Remember to add the code to all the pages you want to track.

Q. Can I make different versions of a website on IRIS and launch the one I like the best?
A. Unfortunately not, each account only allows for one  website to be created.

Q. Can multiple people access and update the same website?
A. Yes.  It's not possible to create different user accounts for the same website but the login details can be shared to give other people access.